Thursday, March 15, 2007

"the women are strong, the men are screaming queens, and all the children are sure to be traumatized"

this child has a mommy and a daddy

Now, um...Garrison Keillor (?) joins the fray with his latest piece in Salon.

I never really cared about Garrison Keillor, nor followed his works. I still don't really. I know he's a droll fellow, and i know i didn't really like the film "A Prairie Home Companion" when i rented it on a whim. But i think the overall tone of this piece is a bit rich coming from a thrice-married adulterer. Plus, it's a pretty disappointing representation since Minnesotans tend to be more of an enlightened breed.

When i read this, my first thought was, "Ohhh snap, Dan Savageisgonnabesomad!"

...Aaaaaaand he is.

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Back Alley Hagiographer said...

Wow, did Garrison Keillor's article annoy the fuck out of me.