Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i genuinely don't understand this

America's Next Top (Dead) Model

what is the motivation here? to be funny? cute? Derelicte?

i know art is supposed to be provocative, to challenge you, make people feel uneasy and blah blah blah, but this just gives me an icky feeling all around. plus - it's chintzy reality television, so from personal experience i question the producers' motives immediately. especially when the judges say things like, "death becomes you" and "you look beautiful in death." the photos are pretty disturbing...kind of the stuff of my nightmares, and the context just makes them downright chilling. just last week, i looked through court evidence photos for a federal rape and murder case. actual death is NOT beautiful and it is certainly NOT sexy.

this theme seems to have come up a lot recently, like here and here. dead, dehumanized and humiliated women sell.

it's sexy and flashy and pretty looking. but i see no positive or useful purpose for this.

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